Thursday, January 3, 2008


US Mail or Courier Service

When using this service, please send only cashiers check or a money order. Do not send personal checks or cash. As usual, include the $30 fee or it will be deducted from the amount you specify.

  • The cashiers check or money order will be payable to Department of State.
  • Mailing address is: Overseas Citizens Services, Department of State, SA-29, 4th Floor, 2201 C St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20520.
  • Mention recipients full name and overseas address, your name, address, and telephone number.
  • Even overnight delivery takes around 3-4 days while regular delivery may take 3-4 weeks.

This method is not recommended for emergency use.



ikobo, paypal and xoom-3 reliable sources of transferring money overseas.
Ikobo is one of the global leaders when you want to transfer money overseas directly to another recipient. iKobo is safe and easy and since 2001 it has provided many people the option to transfer money to anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

"Anywhere" includes more than 145 countries but the chances are that if they have Internet access there then they also have iKobo. Users in these countries can transfer money directly to one another at any time. The recipients, when they receive money for the first time through iKobo, are sent a precharged Visa Debit Card protected by a PIN. Subsequently, all further receipts are directly transferred to that Debit Card. Using this card, the iKobo user and card owner can withdraw money from any Visa supporting ATM in those 145 countries or spend it at any outlet that accepts Visa Debit Cards.

The iKobo website allows its members to send money quickly and it also provides a detailed account summary of past activity. All cardholders can check their account status and activity online.

PayPal was started in 1998 and was acquired by eBay Inc. in October 2002. Any person or business identified with an email address can use PayPal to send and receive money online. PayPal relies on existing infrastructure of credit cards and bank accounts. It also uses the one of the most advanced fraud prevention systems in order to keep their transactions safe, global, and real-time.

The 100 million users of PayPal are a living testament to the popularity of this transaction platform. PayPal is currently available in 103 countries and regions and it is used by eBay users (buyers and sellers), online businesses, retailers, and individuals. To date, PayPal has been awarded 20 awards for its technological excellence. The Internet and business communities granted these awards.

The Xoom Corporation functions as an online-to-offline international service for overseas money transfer. At present this service is available on the following countries but the list is growing rapidly. The 21 active countries are Argentina, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, and Vietnam. Recipients are not required to have a bank account or even any Internet connectivity in order to receive funds. Xoom provides this service through strategic partnerships with money transfer organizations. The result is a convenient, secure, easy, and economical means of overseas money transfer available to everyone.

Send money overseas - use Western Union
With the current trend of people going overseas either for education or just to get some impressive detail into their resume, it is not surprising that more and more people feel the need to transfer money overseas. Business process outsourcing has also created many expatriates that constantly have to transfer money overseas and back home. If you have ever felt such a need then chances are good that you use Western Union Money Transfer for your overseas money transfer. While Western Union has recently increased it advertising and gained popularity in recent times, in fact it has been providing its unique services since 1851, a time when no one could have imagined something like the Internet and PayPal. Since those old times, Western Union has evolved into a global corporation that facilitates overseas money transfer without you having to leave your seat. There is a lot of trust involved when anyone wishes to transfer money overseas. This is not the type of business where anyone can start today and take the market by storm, as the saying goes. People will not hand their money to anyone they do not trust. Western Union has had more than a century and a half during which they have built a strong reputation of being trustworthy and reliable when people wish to transfer money overseas. This is well witnessed through the fact that Western Union has more than 270,000 worldwide centers spread across 200 countries. These numbers make Western Union the biggest money-transfer service in the world. Now, Western Union also uses the Internet to facilitate fast overseas money transfers using Visa and Mastercard through any computer connected to the Internet. In principle, the Western Union money order is quite similar to a wire transfer except that you can send money to a Western Union location anywhere in the world. You do not even need a bank account to do this. Just walk into a Western Union center with the necessary cash. The recipient has to have credentials to establish their identity and they can receive the payment without showing any bank account. The minor drawback with Western Union is that they charge a fee for every transaction. Their website offers an easy and quick way of calculating how much fee you will have to pay. The fee mostly depends on the total amount of the transfer and the two locations involved. The calculation is a bit confusing because the separating distance is not the important part. Just make sure that you do not end up paying 10% fee on a $500 transfer because that is ridiculous, use a bank transfer or mail a cashier's check instead.